Sunday, January 13, 2013

Iteration Manager to Iteration Leader

Scrum Master to Scrum Leader

Lead by showing

Iteration Managers/Scrum Masters should not just be managing their team. They should be providing the team with leadership that helps them to achieve great things to together.
  • Lead not by telling them.
  • Lead by helping them to set clear and elevating goals.
  • Lead by teaching an agile way of thinking.
  • Lead by teaching them to think through the problems that you yourself contemplate.
  • Lead by making them think for themselves.
  • Lead by encouraging them all to be their best.
  • Lead by example. I.e. exhibit the Scrum values. Be the change you want to see.

Self-organising doesn't mean they don't have an Iteration Manager, it means they can function without one. An Iteration Manager will always be there leading them onto a greater success then they could achieve by themselves. That is what great leaders do.

This article is available in presentation form on SlideShare: Iteration Manager to Iteration Leader.

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