Thursday, June 20, 2019

High Performance Agile Team Training Available

Get training in the skills that lead to high performance teams; skills that attendees will use every week. Basic agile training gives teams a good head-start and a significant boost in performance is often seen. However, that performance often stagnates well before high performance is achieved. How can you get your team to the next level? This training course addresses that gap. Attendees will build upon their foundation level agile training and be taught the skills that regularly lead to high-performance teams. Learning skills that are easy to replicate in their own team. Attendees will finish the course ready to add value to their team. 

Sustained high performance for their team will then be achieved through collaboration that harnesses the full strength of their team, clear customer centric goals and amplified delivery capability. The content and aims of this course closely align to the Heart of Agile ( from Alistair Cockburn. Crammed full of interactive exercises, working in pairs or small groups gets you to experience the skill. The briefest of presentation material is used to introduce the exercises; this course is heavily skills focused.

Andrew Rusling will deliver the course, bringing with him, his experience of training over 400 people in agile, Lean, Scrum and Kanban; as well as transforming five companies. Andrew has the passion, experience and capability to provide an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

Attendee will Learn and Experience:

  1. Creating a Team Charter with Vision Statement, Values, Working Agreement, Decision Making Strategy and Proactive conflict management strategy. When they do this with their teams it will provides a foundation for their collaboration, reflection and customer centricity.
  2. Collaborative approaches to: ideation, design, problem solving, decision making, & planning.
  3. Easy to repeat skills for coaching and developing their team members. 
  4. Customer interviews - how to understand the world of their customers.
  5. Experiment design, and execution.
  6. Verifying User Stories will deliver value for the customer.
  7. Measuring Outcomes (customer behaviour) over Outputs (delivered product).
  8. Observational testing - how to dramatically improve the Customers Experience.
  9. Creating Continuous improvement actions that actually get completed
  10. Probabilistic forecasting for predictable planning
  11. Going faster by delivering less of the scope than we think we need.
  12. Visualise flow of work, removing waste & limiting work in progress to expedite delivery.

If you are located in South East Queensland, Australia and interested in this course, please contact me: