Sunday, June 16, 2013

What is it, to be an Agile Coach?

I am ...

a teacher - providing people with new knowledge.

a trainer - running people through exercises and giving them feedback, so they can improve their skills.

a networker - connecting people so that they can help each other.

a mentor - encouraging people to grow and improve.

a facilitator - organising events/ceremonies/meetings ensuring they deliver results while involving everyone.

a coach - helping people to grow, through thinking differently/ thinking about new things.

an agent of change - working tirelessly to improve how people, teams and companies operate.

councilor - really listening to people as they talk through their concerns.

a supporter - helping people through tough times.

a student - always learning from others, reading, listening, observing.

a scientist - running experiments and sharing what I learn.

a statistician - gathering data, analysing that data, and sharing my thoughts. 

a historian - recording and explaining the history of projects and teams, both successful and unsuccessful.

an author - writing my blog for others to read.

an orator - speaking in a language that my audience can clearly understand. 

an evangelist - shouting out loud and proud about what I believe in.

a leader - providing direction to those who call for it.

a team member - mostly working with others to achieve my goals.

an agile coaching - helping people, teams and companies, to make their work life more fulfilling, enjoyable, effective and efficient.

Are you like me? What can we learn from each other?

Photo Credit: Phil W Shirley