Saturday, January 14, 2012

Training vs Coaching

I am part way through reading ‘Coaching for Performance:GROWing human potential and purpose’ by John Whitmore. A key point that I have taken away so far is the difference between training and coaching.

A Trainer/Teacher instructs their Student on what and how they should do the new thing that they are learning.

A Coach will lead the student on a journey of self-discovery, aiming for the Student to become aware of the new thing that they are not doing, and then getting them to take responsibility for carrying out the new thing.

I have found that both training and coaching are useful approaches in my work. When the student is very new to subject such as agile; training works well to get them kick started and to secure a few wins, hence building their confidence. Once their foundation knowledge and confidence is in place, moving to coaching builds their awareness and responsibility which leads to long term success.


  1. just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.

    Agile Coach Training

  2. Thank you Steffi. I find the coaching aspect of my work to be a rich and interesting subject. I have started to read 'From Coach to Awakener' by Robert Dilts. In there he goes into a lot more depth on this subject.